Our Most Recent Projects

Feeding Salisbury!

Between October 2020 and April 2021, our volunteers were busy collecting, cooking and delivering surplus food for the local community as part of our Feeding Salisbury project. Thank you to all of our suppliers: Waitrose, Aldi, M&S, Lidl, UK Harvest (and more); our sponsors: WRAP and The National Lottery; local charities who’ve supported us; Radian Housing; and finally, our brilliant volunteers, all of this wouldn’t be possible without them!
“Thank you to all our partners and supporters for helping us feed Salisbury. Whilst our full project has now finished we are continuing to support groups by providing whatever food we can to central points who can help signpost recipients as we get back to business. Hopefully we’ll be doing more communal activities in the near future so we look forward to seeing you all down at the Park sometime soon."
pantry partnership team
Fiona Ollerhead, Founder

Here are the results of our project...

Meal deliveries

Leading on from our Feeding Salisbury! project, we continued to deliver surplus fruit and veg to local community groups and individuals alongside Pantry-made meals at a subsidised rate. 

Too Good to Waste

As you’ve probably gathered by now – we love food but we hate waste. Our Too Good to Waste delivery scheme was designed to help you to help us to make an impact on the planet by giving us the opportunity to stop more food going to waste.

Our Too Good to Waste scheme allowed you to order buffets and bulk meals for your events. All orders were made by our chef led team and delivered to your door ready for your event. What better way to show your guests and clients what you care about and how you are helping the planet in your own way? 

You could order soups, veggie main meals such as chillies or curries, cold buffets (perfect for a corporate event/meeting) and sweet treats including healthy fruit options.

cook and eat

We trialled with a local GP surgery a six-week course where we invited members of the public referred to us from their GP for an interactive cooking session where participants take their food home with them.

Jim and Cathy, the Carers

Cooking Workshops

We ran cooking workshops for anyone and everyone – like out Student Workshops open to school leavers … or any young person fending for themselves for the first time. We gave people the skills and the confidence needed to cook quick, healthy and delicious meals … and we had fun doing it too! We delivered bespoke programmes with local housing associations and charities for specific groups of people.

Workshops typically ran from 10am until 2pm over five to six days. We covered some of the practical aspects of cookery (like knife skills and food hygiene), we equipped our learners with some great recipes and we also offered tips on a range of topics from savvy shopping to time saving techniques.  Plus, learners took away samples or the meal they’ve prepared each day.

surplus Supper Club, CURRY AND QUIZ and Snack Shacks

We had various options and also organised private bookings at a venue of your choice. Our Surplus Supper Clubs was an opportunity to taste our food with a group of friends, our Snack Shacks were lighter meal options usually featuring a guest chef and street food; to date we have held a number of Indian and Moroccan Snack Shacks, Curry and Quiz and Three Course Meals with all the trimmings.

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