Helping Feed Salisbury Since 2013

Fighting Food Waste, Tackling Hunger and Loneliness in Salisbury

Transforming food, transforming lives

Over the past 10 years the Pantry Partnership has been working in and around Salisbury. We have rescued surplus food that would otherwise go to waste, made it into meals and delivered it to those who need it in our community.

Simply, because we hate to see good food go to waste and we want to share the love!

As you will no doubt know we have now bought our work to a gentle close through enabling others to embed our work within their own communities and charities. We will be producing a report to share our learnings and will be available to via our Facebook page and Twitter feed (link below).

Fiona and some legacy volunteers are still around to help as things move on, please contact us via

project feeding salisbury meals

1,300 Kg of food surplus rescued monthly

that would otherwise have gone to waste

ENOUGH food for 2,600 meals every month




Fresh, quality food that feeds the soul

Nearly all of our food is fresh, nutritious fruit and vegetables. Cooked with care and shared with loved, it’s not only good to nourish the body, but also to lift the spirits of those who share in it.

Together, we reach those who need it the most

Our food reached communities in and around Salisbury who can benefit from fresh and nutritious food.

From the elderly or cared for to those struggling to cook or make ends meet every potato we rescue and every pear we deliver helps to feed people rather than going to waste.  Not only this but our food also helps fund us to enable us to do what we do – raising awareness and funds all at the same time.

Discover more about the Pantry via our short film

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The Pantry Partnership has helped my family to create healthier meals with a variety of fruit & vegetables. It has been really helpful at a difficult time.

Deborah from Salisbury