What We Do


Super Foods, Super Powers

We believe food is a super power with the force to transform lives. We use food to bring people out of isolation, unite communities, reduce food poverty and enhance life skills. 

At our core, we're cooks ... but we're also social entrepreneurs on a mission!

We collect surplus (but fresh) food from local supermarkets, independent outlets, farmers and other sources and we put it to good use. We also grow our own produce. 

Thanks to a fantastic team of volunteers we transform surplus, 'too good to waste' food into delicious, nutritious meals which we serve to people living in social isolation - or anyone that fancies eating farm-fresh food at great prices - at our regular Friday pop-up cafes.  We're a melting pot and everyone's welcome!

We work alongside people referred to us from local charities - like Headway and Alzheimer's. Taking on key roles in our kitchen or front of house, helps build life skills and boosts confidence.

To find out more, please email info@thepantrypartnership.org.


Events and Activities

If you haven't got time to volunteer but like the sound of what we do, we'd love you to join in and support us however you can. You can simply join us for coffee and a cake at our First Friday Cafe, or come along to one of our Pop Up or Snack Shack events. Keep an eye on the 'activities' page of our website or follow us on Facebook for regular updates.

Our 'First Friday Cafe' runs from 10am until 2pm (there's also a two course lunch available from 12pm) on the first Friday of every month at St Thomas' House, just off St Thomas' Square in Salisbury (SP1 1BA). It's a great opportunity to nip out for a delicious, healthy meal - or to take a quick coffee break - without breaking the bank. Any profit we make is channelled back into our work, contributing towards our overheads and running costs. 

We also run cookery workshops (our next is for school leavers but we've also run them for local charities and associations) and we can create bespoke workshops and private events on request. 

We deliver meals (like soups and curries), as well as healthy snacks, to local cafes as part of our 'Too Good to Waste' scheme. If you'd like to find out more, please get in touch via our 'contact' page. 

Last but not least, we are launching a meal delivery scheme in September. Called 'A Good Helping', we will be delivering freshly prepared meals, snacks and drinks (all made from surplus) right to your door. It will operate as a flexible subscription and on a 'buy one, give one' basis, so for every box bought we'll donate one to somebody locally who's living in isolation - helping to kick loneliness and food poverty into touch. 

All our commercial activities are designed to raise funds and help us continue our community work.

Please get involved if you can.

 Cooking Events

Cooking Events

 First Friday Cafe

First Friday Cafe

 Pop Ups and Snack Shacks

Pop Ups and Snack Shacks



Our Ingredients

The vast majority of the food we use is high quality surplus that we receive from local supermarkets, independent retailers and direct from farms across the region. It might be misshapen and therefore not suitable for the supermarket shelves or it might just be that a bountiful harvest has produced more than is needed that week. 

We also have our own allotment where we grow a wonderful array of unusual and heritage-variety fruit and veg. There's always produce on the go and we're lucky enough that our plot is surrounded by stunning land, perfect for foraging.