Our People

 Fiona Ollerhead | Founder

Fiona Ollerhead | Founder

Founded on a love of cooking and all things fresh and green coupled with a passion to change our take-away throw-away culture we created The Pantry Partnership to bring people together to serve our community and enable people to enjoy, learn and reengage with low cost cooking; helping them at home and abroad to reduce wastage and enjoy fabulous meals in a sustainable way. 


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We are keen cooks and gardeners who love our community.  Even though we don't all have professional experience in cooking or gardening ( infact many of us don't and we're pretty happy with that) we do our best with what we have and make resourcefulness and openess to new ideas and skill sharing our mission. 

....So...' Our People' is as much about who we are as who the people we work with are - they are community partners, social enterprises, charities and individuals  who benefit from some sort of assistance in their daily lives - be that learning to cook, reengaging with their kitchens, needing to cook more efficiently or just looking for a little companionship

Whoever they are and whatever they do, we welcome them to come and cook and share with thus - both at home and abroad.

Follow the link here if  you'd like to come and join our team and let us know a bit about you.

Some pics of our lovely communities  and partners: