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Donate today to fight hunger and food waster in Salisbury

Help fight hunger and food waste in Salisbury

£10  a month helps deliver food for 65 meals  

£10  a month deliver 25kg of food to our community 

Local people, helping the local community

The Pantry Partnership is a local community community as a non-for profit organisation. Our food is collected, cooked and delivered by local volunteers, which helps keep our costs extremely low and our social impact extremely high. £10 a month help us deliver food for 65 meals to local communities in Salisbury. 

The Pantry Partnership has helped my family to create healthier meals with a variety of fruit & vegetables. It has been really helpful at a difficult time.

Deborah from Salisbury

Real impact in Salisbury

Our food goes to feed isolated elderly, low-income families and women refugees, amongst other. Thanks to people like you, others will have a chance of a warm meal.

1,300 Kg of food surplus rescued monthly

ENOUGH food for 2,600 meals every month

35,000 kg of greengases prevented in 6 months

100% raised goes to RESCUE FOOD

pantry parnership couple

That is our fundraising promise: 100% of your donation goes to help people in need. 

And all we need is 40 regular donors to cover our monthly costs. 40 generous people who, like you, want to take the fight to hunger in Salisbury, while preventing good food from going to waste. 

Join us as a Pantry Partner, today. 

We are proud to be supported by Wiltshire Community Foundation who have generously supported us over a committed period of time.