How to Support Us

If you're interested in supporting us, there are a number of ways you can jump on board....

Make a donation and support out local work

The Pantry Partnership is primarily a local community not-for profit organisation.

Our food is collected, cooked and delivered by local volunteers.  We keep our costs extremely low yet make our social impact extremely high.  None of our work comes free of charge however, there is a building to maintain, bills to pay and equipment to replace – as well as the ever important insurance to pay and accounts to submit.  We try to create sales from our amazing food but our work only continues due to the generous donations of local people.  Any donation really does make a difference….

Just £10 a month helps us cook and deliver 65 delicious meals to local communities all around Salisbury!  Perhaps that’s a way that you can help?  Perhaps you could consider helping us for a month or even a year.

…. or why not take our cause to your workplace and see if you can help us with a corporate or group donation? 

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volunteer with us

Volunteer with Us

Come and join our brilliant team!

Maybe you love cooking, maybe you are a admin wonder or a super washer upper…or maybe you just want to get out and meet some new people?

Whatever your skills, whatever your circumstances, you will be welcomed with open arms!

There are masses of different ways you can help out  – and we’ll make sure it’s at times that work for you.  

Click below to head over to our volunteer sign-up form

(something a bit different...) Partner with us and support our GHana project

For a one off of only £18 you can twin your pantry with another pantry with a woman or family in Hohoe, Ghana.

When we started out on our journey we visited women in Ghana cooking up amazing meals from next to nothing for their families and neighbours. To this day we continue to support them by donating them fuel efficient stoves to make their lives just a little bit easier and a little bit healthier (and saving a few trees in the process). You can help us to help them by twinning your Pantry which enables us to donate them a stove and a starter pack of charcoal to help them on their way to a smoke free home.

You’ll receive a certificate with a photograph of your pantry’s twin to place in pride of place in your own kitchen back at home (or work).

Twin your pantry by emailing us here

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